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Today, in the times of computerization the essential part of economic information systems become the application of e-commerce - WebShop. This is a realization of sales through internet sales.

Advantages are usually the lower cost than for physical stores and thus lower prices. Webshop consists of two systems:

  1. system for customers - a precondition for successful webshop is pleasant and intuitive environment and user friendly interface for the customer.
  2. administration system of webshop – allows you to set the descriptions of goods, assign to goods corresponding pictures and determine their order, adjust the categories, link alternative and related products. All of these settings then brought to the e-shop.

Module allows:

  1. Publish an unlimited number of products
  2. Classification of products into categories (catalog)
  3. Records of orders and customers
  4. Search the site by defining criteria
  5. Definition of price levels and configuration discounts

Webshop is based on databases of goods and customers with close connection to accounting and warehouse system. Use of e-commerce can easily offer and sell goods from your database, take orders and work with them.