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Telemarketing module incorporates tools to support marketing, sales and business of your traders. Effectively applied to business and marketing strategies, plans and manages business activities, records important information about clients. Traders have control over all actions that are necessary for successful communication with clients.

In order not to lose important dates, the traders may note the specified observation of activities with time and date.

To simplify the marketing activities it is appropriate to use mail merge directly in the application form bulk e-mail campaigns - called simplified form of direct marketing.

Another important element is the sale of goods - for the traders to know whether they have enough of offered range of stock, how quickly it can deliver to the customer after ordering, what alternatives (substitutes) can be offered to customers in the event of the unavailability of specific goods.

What are the advantages of the app?

contribute to increase of the success of business opportunities

contribute to the gain of new customers through management of marketing activities

contribute to more efficient business processes, concentration of information from other modules

provides correct and consistent customer data, accessible to everyone in the company

Part of the application is agenda, which will make all the relevant information needed to communicate with clients available at one place:

  1. Records of telephone contacts, visits made and the information on the terms
  2. Report issued quotations
  3. Information about the customer’s subscription
  4. Overview undelivered orders
  5. Information on already delivered orders
  6. Overview of unpaid invoices