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Module human resources significantly complement module payroll and extends his functionality for complex solutions of managing human resources. Module human resources is helping to create an organizational structure. The application can register jobseekers and tracks the results of interviews. Every organization can solve systemization and availability of job positions.

Together with job positions it’s possible to register qualification requirements by specific positions. Facilitate the monitoring of entrance, representation and redeployment of staff. Evidence about completed training is another considerable functionality and so is also health surveillance, specific qualifications, language skills and level of education. Plan and monitor the required deadlines and costs of trainings.

The application allows you to track:

  1. different contacts per employee, records of family members
  2. types of licenses, their period of validity and registration numbers
  3. educational attainment and final exams
  4. special tests, their results and the length of validity
  5. health status, records of various kinds of medical examinations, their results and the duration of validity
  6. history of all previous job positions including current employer, and their duration
  7. anniversaries
  8. reviews of employees