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This module allows you to record assets - tangible / intangible and value assets, movable files, making changes in its registration, recovery and redeploy of assets - shifting different parts of movables files to another file, create a depreciation plan, automatically generate accounting and tax depreciation, while also entering the datain to the module of binary accounting.

Each asset card has defined binding to the accounting.

Based on these settings the account of accounting and tax depreciation is realized, inclusion and dispose of the asset. Inventory card with its integration on centers, buildings and rooms assigned to employee, allow easier inventory assets.

When adjusting depreciation, users can set the individual assets in the cards, designed to meet the specific requirements of the chosen method of depreciation for inventory card (cessation of depreciation, depreciation adjustment rate, respectively the company enters the amount of depreciation).


The inclusion of property to specify the use of the asset and depreciation schedule and throughout the life cycle of assets record the changes in assets through movements.