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Payroll module presents a complex solution for processing of payroll and guidance of required personal data. Application is suitable for all types and sizes of organizations in area of private business and also state and public administration.

Module enables logical processing of payroll from first steps, e.g. the employees evidence, employment, and calculation of payroll up to generating required reporting.

For one employee it is possible to register and process synchronously more than one employment relationship and the result is one payslip, which account all legal requirements. The center of module is list of payroll items, which enables to flexibly respond to basic and specific requirements of client.

In each step of calculation of payslip it is possible to show precise description of calculation of the payroll item.

Working in payroll process is simplified with of options mass entering payroll items, whether by manual recording or import from excel template.

Retrospective corrections, options for editing payroll items during month, various setup options for deductions calculations and bonuses. Processing of transfer orders for the payment of wages, duties, deductions with option to export the file to your bank.

Automatic process of accounting of payroll by ahead defined requirements with options accounting of centres, and contracts or shares, in the case of budgetary organizations of each program.

Payroll application makes communication with offices easier. Module mzdy offer outputs for the Socialna poistovňa, health Insurance and electronic communication with tax authorities.

Data can be easily printed into predefined forms. Of course there are statistical outputs and generated electronic outputs for Trexima.

Module payroll allows users to print user friendly overviews and user-created overviews by their own requirements predefined through payroll items.

Module is linked with others applications of information system SRS® like an Attendance, Human Resource Management, Accounting, which greatly simplifies work for user.

Application include

  1. surcharge into minimal wage
  2. automatic annual tax settlement
  3. calculation of average and estimated earnings
  4. automatic payment procedures according to a valid legislation
  5. calculating a daily basis for calculating compensation for temporary incapacity
  6. automatic calculation of execution deductions
  7. calculation of payroll, mass generating and recalculation payslips, generating payment orders for payroll, deductions, taxes payments
  8. awarding of salary components in advance at a particular date and the program automatically taken into account when calculating payrolls in the future entry of recurring payroll deductions and taking them into account in future payrolls
  9. automatic generation of billable internal documents
  10. inclusion of the employees on the cost, organizational centres, program budgeting
  11. registration of employees data
  12. ELDP records and information from the previous system
  13. registration for creating and sending registration sheets
  14. automatic recording of historical changes in personal data of employees, changes for tax levies and duties of insurance as well changes in payroll folders of employee with option for editing
  15. import of selected payroll data from application Microsoft Excel with automatic data verification

Module also allows:

management of personal documents, which are delivered from employee to employer, respectively from employer up to employee. All of these documents of the employee are located in one place at a employee card

creation of documents like the employments contracts, prearranged patterns of payment decrees with automatic data complementing with options of customization through Word templates