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EMEL® Bratislava, s.r.o.

Is a company that operates in the information technology field since 1990. Since 1996 we have developed several projects, which are in the sphere of trade, services, in banking, insurance, public and state sectors, in companies dealing with issues of pension funds, as well as factoring companies. Within this activities, we are also engaged in the development, delivery and implementation of a comprehensive information system and providing premium services in information technology. We focus on companies that require maximum and accurate integration of information systems into their business processes using the latest technology.

Among our interesting projects include the project solution II. pension pillar, which we successfully addressed in Slovakia.  In 2011, our expertise and qualified approach moved us beyond borders to our neighbors in the Czech Republic.

Our hearth and our biggest project is SRS ® - System for management and administration. Such a system for lengthy name already indicates that it is the application of wide-ranging nature. It is up to the clients how they decide to build a preferable system, with the support of our skilled workers. In addition to this possibility, in order to adapt the functionality of the specificities of this sector, we offer our clients editing of the standard modules according to their requirements.

In 2010, we expanded our portfolio into the sphere of public finance, in which we have successfully implemented the system in 15 towns and villages during two years.