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Since 1996, we have developed several projects, which are used in the sphere of trade, services, banking, insurance sector, but also in companies dealing with issues of pension funds, as well as factoring companies and many others.

Economic information system for management and administration of the company is comfortable software solution, which is the appropriate instrument for a wide range of companies requiring reliable, fast and highly sophisticated solutions. It is not sufficient to merely reflect the current requirements of the time, but we should satisfy your unique considerations of the business and adapt to your ever-growing requirements of the information system. That, alongside with higher than standard servicing lays the foundation for quality and long-term cooperation. See the current catalog for information system SRS®.

Customized solutions

Based on the customer's request we can prepare customized solutions that flexibly respond to the needs of the client and, if necessary, fully integrated with the SRS standard products, respectively also completely independent of these solutions. Within a customized solution service we can also modify the existing solutions from EMEL Bratislava based on client's needs. Such solutions are intended to streamline customer's operations and create new opportunities for improving quality and efficiency in the business.

Easy R Finance

Information system for risk management in the enterprise, designed mainly for banking institutions, insurance companies, the securities dealers and the like.


Factoring system handles issues related to financing activities, assets arising from the supply of goods and services on credit, without any further assurance, based on the assessment of the quality of the business relationship and optionally on customer's or supplier's creditworthiness. This is one of the forms of short-term financing based on buying short-term receivables from trade before they mature. Factoring companies.

RLZEC program from July 31, 2008

Would you like send the registration letters directly to the electronic system of Social insurance company and your payroll software does not allow you to do so? Please contact us regarding an application that allows you to store data from the registration list in XML format used when communicating with the social security. This application allows you to create all existing registration letters such as Application - on entering / beginning agreements, cancellations - upon termination of employment / agreement, cancellations - if an employee does not show up on the site to work, Change - change the data sent by the application and Interruption - the announced starting time / end interruption insurance (eg, MD, RD, Absence, ..).

Program returns SP from July 31, 2008

In the past, our company has developed a system for sending monthly statements premiums directly to the electronic filing system of Social Insurance. Application that allow you to save contributions in the XML format used when communicating with the social security. The application itself was also able to calculate the amount of contributions according to the given assessment base employees. Development of the application has stopped, but if you would be interested in a particular application please don't hesitate to contact us and we will offer you a suitable solution.

Universal registry SR

Company EMEL ® BRATISLAVA, Ltd. has developed the program Universal Registry of the Slovak Republic on Internet. It is an information server whose role is to provide banks, savings banks, leasing companies, insurance companies and other companies and corporations in various fields, independent financial and non-financial evaluation of their potential clients or business partners - legal and natural persons who are resident in the Slovak Republic. It evaluates the ability of a particular entity to perform on time and in full the commitments to the state and to the commercial sector, its economic performance, the status of the entity in the economic environment of the Slovak Republic and the evolution of the subject.