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Choose from a wide range of IT solutions and services for the most demanding customers. Our products will help expedite the ongoing processes, reduce costs and achieve set objectives.

SRS for public and government administration

System SRS offers a number of solutions not only for businesses but also for clients of public and government administration. In order to adapt the functionality of the specificities of this sector, we offer to adjust and edit the standard modules according to needs of our customer.

Internetové/Intranetové aplikácie Intranet/internet applications

Intranet applications are designed to enhance employee performance and optimize internal processes. The system connects all the related departments of the company, its employees and streamlines and most rapidly accelerates the exchange of information.  


Internetové/Intranetové aplikácie Register and archive of documents

To succeed in business, it is extremely important to have fast and reliable access tto frequently used documents. Only a small part of business documents require frequent access; in order to provide the most quality services it is extremely important that the access to it are fast and reliable.

Internetové/Intranetové aplikácie Security of the content

We provide a powerful antispam and antipfishing filter for your server that enables insertion of headings to the mail server, mail archiving and more. We ensure the control of the content of e-mails, intrusion detection and antivirus. Solution contains up to 5 virus engines.



Internetové/Intranetové aplikácie Tailored software solutions

Tailored software solutions require certified processes, know-how and extensive experience when it comes to develepoment of software, all of which EMEL Bratislava gained through exposure to the market for the third decade.

Internetové/Intranetové aplikácie Outsourcing of IT services

Outsourcing is a modern tool for ensuring the various areas necessary for smooth and trouble free operation of the organization and effective means of saving money. Outsourcing is an effective way of dealing with management information systems in organizations.



Internetové/Intranetové aplikácie Archiver of mail

We will provide you with a solution for archiving incoming and outgoing e-mail. With the continuous increase in the volume of electronic mail increases the need for its archiving. Write to archive the mail server reduces the load and increases the speed of work. Email contains important data, it is therefore necessary to ensure their durability and safety.

Internetové/Intranetové aplikácie Management and monitoring of IT

Using Microsoft products associated in the System Center family, we provide search and gather information about your infrastructure, policies, processes and best practices. With our help your IT staff will be able to automate operations, reduce costs, improve application availability, improve services, actively plan, deploy, manage, and optimize your IT environment.



Internetové/Intranetové aplikácie Consultations in the field of IT

We will help you with the selection of information technologies for your business. Save your time and let us find the right IT solutions that will simplify and streamline your business.