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At first glance, a simple system, which is implemented by simple movements of incoming or outgoing goods and services. But nowadays warehouse management module is one of the main business modules, which involves a large number of business processes.

Ordering goods and services
It is possible to execute intra-company ordering or ordering goods for resale. Creating outgoing orders can be made either automatically or based on defined limits of the goods. For proper planning purchases it is possible to consider already issued orders, orders from customers registered with the possibility of taking into account the reserved goods. Generating outgoing orders may be made under different conditions.

Buying goods and services
Registration of purchased goods is simplified when the order was subjected into the system. In this case it is possible to mark incoming goods based on an order, in which we can follow up the quantity and price of delivery and whether they match the order. To create a comprehensive view of the reliability of the supplier it is possible rate each individual order and save the rating to the system.

Registry of orders of goods and services
All client requests should be entered in the system in the form of incoming orders, so we are always on time and fulfill our commitment to customers. Incoming orders are fully linked with the consumer price lists, linked to the overall policy of pricing and discounts. When ordering we can use the possibility of exposure of payments with the option to create a delivery note when carrying out the deliveries.

An essential part of quality system is function for fast processing of inventories by readers with a comparison to the book inventory and automatic creation of documents of inventory differences - or shortages and surplus.

Of course in the business relationship there will be situations when the client sends a complaint about the goods or service and for the successful smooth operation it is important to keep records of complaints and service activities, in order to evaluate the success of the business and the effective operation of complaints terms.


Sales of goods and services

A tool to manage and implement business cases from the customer. Sales can be realized through:

  1. retail sales using the module kasa - selling over electronic cash register, where it is possible to create the documents about the movement of goods - removal from storage through delivery note and the movement of money creating sales receipt.
  2. wholesale or sale by an invoice - simply creating a delivery note, optionaly based on registered incoming order and invoicing subsequent deliveries. When selling it is also possible to use bulk billing.

Warehouse management module further contains price calculations. The term “price calculation” in the program means a method that allows the calculation of selling prices of goods depending on the cost, taking into account the possible duties, import duties, transport costs and so on. Calculations also allow calculations dealer’s price depending on the sales prices of goods. Calculation is always valid over a certain selection of goods.

The system allows different pricing, i.e. creating sales prices of goods. It allows you to price with discounts (eg percentages, discounts on packages), define prices to dealers (system contains 10 levels of the dealer prices), create contracted prices(fixed price lists, for example contracts for a specified period of time) for specific customers or customer groups on selected goods, valid for the selected period of time, create matrices discounts (discounts by product groups and customers).