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Transport module provides the ability to register a wide range of vehicle data. The module includes a set of reports - in addition to reports Logbook, Records of kilometers traveled and fuel consumption, refueling and informative reports about vehicles, drivers, cost of vehicles and the like. Some kits provide graphical output.

Part of the module is conducted monthly log book, Central Registry of refueling with watching other costs to the vehicle during refueling, repairs or recording various forms of vehicle maintenance.

The module also contains travel orders, Requests for transport, accounting for fuel consumption and other auxiliary and control program complements.

The module also allows you to import data into the log book from Microsoft Excel.

In addition to the technical parameters it provides an overview of information about

  1. Insurance
  2. Lease
  3. drivers assigned to the vehicle
  4. vehicle checks, etc..

The program also contains a section that allows for selected types of vehicles to be reserved or rented.

It is possible to prepare a price list for lease of the vehicles, which may help to create an offer for a client, for example reservations length of the vehicle, number of kilometers traveled, discounts, or manually set prices. The offer is then possible to register to the module in the incoming order, from which the system creates a reservation. Reservation includes a list of specific vehicles with adjustable time periods bookings.

Module while creating a reservation of incoming orders will individually find available vehicles for a given date. Similarly, during manual configuration of items in the reservation module, it controls and helps to choose those vehicles that do not have another reservation in given time.

The invoice can be issued based on the reservations.