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The program allows keeping, processing and billing of the following agenda:

- domestic factoring
- export factoring
- import factoring


The system is a web extension that allows users to passive access to concluded deals - provides information on contracts and their parameters, referrals, invoices and transferred operations, unpaid invoices, list and details of sent invoices, payment orders for the client, matching bank statement lines, credits, search by multiple criteria. The application implements its own basic accounting, which is exported on a monthly basis for accounting of factoring company. Connection with the bank is realized by homebanking with whom the program collaborates by importing account statements and export orders.

Application was developed according to customer requirements. It is built on Oracle database - version 8; runtime environment is created development tool Oracle Developer 2000 (forms, report).


References: VÚB Factoring, a.s. a OTP Faktoring Slovensko, a.s.