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RZOF is a portal solution that increases transparency in the management of funds.

Thanks to modern information technologies, a tool that provides information on management of entrusted funds for the public administration - state administration and self-government was created. It allows to quickly and reliably disclose all necessary information on contracts, orders and invoices and creates an opportunity for simple access to required information through web interface. In the Slovak Republic, where anti-corruption measures are part of the government program, this approach with support of RZOF was evaluated one of the best measures and the European Union declared it as highly superior model and anti-corruption measure.

The portal can disclose contracts, orders and invoices, the subject of which is related to the acquisition of things, services, information, using public funds (including EU funds) or relating to the use of state property, municipalities, higher territorial unit or the property of legal entities established by law. RZOF portal can be designed as "open" and therefore available to the public or "closed" with access only for registered users.

Benefits of RZOF:

  • creates an opportunity to have public finances supervised
  • transparent way to find, organize and control information on public finances
  • parametric settings and system administration
  • achieve saving of public finances (introduction of disclosure of the agreements, orders and invoices contributed to the saving of public finances by an average of 30 % in Slovakia)
  • demonstrably effective anti-corruption measure
  • greater transparency in the country and easier access to information
  • can be used as a tool to restore trust of the citizens

RZOF application is designed as a website with easy access. After logging in, the application allows quick and easy disclosure of agreements, orders and invoices through intuitive forms with option to disclose the actual wording of the documents in a standardized electronic format. The system streamlines and simplifies the search of mutual business relationships and paves the way for an initial public inspection of finances.

The portal may also feature a public section for unregistered users - citizens and organizations that provide simple summaries of published contracts, invoices and purchase orders for public sector organizations.