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The portal is a web application used by pensioners management companies to handle mutual transfer of savers under II. pillar pension system. The application is programmed according to the needs of a client. It is developed in transaction PHP MySQL5 database transaction with the client-server architecture. User access to data contained in the database is treated through the access rights set by the administrator of the application. Ensuring access to data works on three-levels. Reference: Association of pension fund management companies.

Software applications for DSS and DDS

Applications are intended for management accounting and accounting agenda under II . and III . pillar pension system . Users log in the systems based on their access name and password. Each user can only work with the data and information within the application to which they were granted the authorization to by an application administrator. Data are submitted into the system manually or electronically (bank statements, scheduled contributions of Social Insurance company, breakdowns OCR contract etc.). Application allow you to manage multiple funds - eg. growth, balance, conservative. Client-server architecture was used when creating the application. While the client portion runs in the browser, the server uses Linux operating system, database environment MySQL 5.0 and PHP Development Environment 1.5. They are large applications - to date with millions of records. References: AXA d.s.s., a.s., AXA d.d.s., a.s.